Method of Procedure: Seared Halibut in Saffron Broth

You know what makes a great cook?  Know-how.  Sure, we all improve with experience, but an understanding of the basics creates a foundation to build from.  So, when I was offered a review copy of renowned chef Thomas Gosney's new book, "Method of Procedure," I seized the opportunity.  Thomas is a professional chef with a gift for … Read More


Tomato Vinaigrette

We have a steady crop of Sungold tomatoes right now.  In looking for delicious salad ideas, I came across this great recipe for Tomato Vinaigrette which also … Read More


Spiced Peach Muffins

I love peaches!  Their season is far too short in Southern California so I try to make the most of them every year.  David Lebovitz's Peach Ice Cream is one of … Read More

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Langostino Risotto

Langostino may be seen as poor man's lobster, but that's okay with me!  It's delicious and easy to prepare (as long as you buy it shelled).  Trader Joe's sells … Read More


New Orleans Stuffed Artichokes

Artichokes are an absolute favorite vegetable in our house.  Do you ever wonder who first decided to try to eat this prickly vegetable?  Artichokes originated … Read More