Gougeres, Cranberry Almond Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Boeuf a la Mode, and Red Velvet Cake

When I made these lovely cheese puffs for the first “French Fridays with Dorie,” I froze some.  They stored and baked really well.  We served them with the salad course.

Cranberry Almond Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
This is a reprise of the salad we made for John’s big birthday bash.  It has wonderful autumn flavors of cranberries, almonds, and feta cheese.
1 bag Fresh Spring Greens (we used the 50/50 mix, but any of these would be good)
1/2 Cup toasted, sliced Almonds
1  Cup Craisins
1 4-ounce Package crumbled Feta Cheese
Raspberry Vinaigrette
In a jar with a lid, place:
1 Cup Olive Oil
Screw lid on tight, and shake until well-blended.

Pour over salad and toss until coated. This salad should be made and dressed as close to the time it’s going to be eaten as possible so it doesn’t wilt or get soggy.  This recipe makes enough for 2 salads, so just use half of it.

Boeuf a la Mode
This is a fantastic pot roast recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s newest cookbook,
Around my French Table.”  It’s tender and full of flavor.

You have to plan ahead because the meat is marinated overnight in a bottle of red wine with herbs and vegetables, but it is so worth it!  We took a $7 piece of meat and turned it into a fantastic meal.  We modified the recipe slightly by adding potatoes, onions, and carrots to the dutch oven for the last 45 minutes of cooking.
Red Velvet Cake
My bother and sister-in-law brought this amazing Red Velvet Cake from our favorite bakery, The Bread Basket!
Bon Appetit!

These recipes are provided for your personal use. If you publish them, or re-post them, please give me credit. Grazie e Buon Appetito!


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    What a beautiful table with delicious food! The salad is right up my alley and the roast sounds wonderful after being marinated over night! The cake is gorgeous too.

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