Dorie Greenspan’s Bourbon Bread Pudding

I never had Bread Pudding growing up and the concept seemed so strange to me.  Our mom used to make milk toast for us when we were sick, so I thought it would taste like that – bland and slightly sweet.  Since it’s one of my husband’s favorite desserts, I wanted to make it for him.  Well, I was completely wrong – it’s not at all like milk toast, but full of rich custard scented with Bourbon, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Ready for the oven

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, and I’m sure you’ll hear me say it again:  Dorie Greenspan’s Baking from My Home to Yours is my favorite baking book!  This is one of three Bread Pudding recipes in the book.  As always, the instructions are easy to follow and produce wonderful results.

We served this with warmed Caramel Brandy Sauce from Anette’s Chocolates by Brent which is divine!  And now it’s one of my favorites, too.

These recipes are provided for your personal use. If you publish them, or re-post them, please give me credit. Grazie e Buon Appetito!


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    This looks gorgeous! I might have to get Dorie’s baking book and go deeper into my cookbook addiction. I grew up eating bread puddings and while I lived in New Orleans I got to see how sophisticated and delicious it could really be.

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    Adriana – How funny! That’s where my husband grew up – it must be a southern thing. I know what you mean about having a cookbook addiction! I told my husband that at least he benefits from it, too.

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