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John & I were talking about how we were raised in the chemical generation.  I suppose all those great inventions were designed to make our moms’ lives easier, but there is nothing at all like home-made baked goods.  John was raised in New Orleans and his mom made cornbread from scratch.  But, I, like Renato, grew up eating corn muffins made from a boxed mix – Jiffy was the best.  I loved them, because my mom always let me make them.

Fast forward many years to where many of us who were raised on Bisquick, Hawaiian Punch, Jell-o Pudding, and Kool-Aid, are growing our own vegetables and buying organic beef.  It does amaze me how many prepared items are available in grocery stores these days, but I’m spoiled by fresh ingredients living in Southern California.

I never made cornbread from scratch until I married John.  Even though this recipe is sweeter than his mother’s, we both enjoyed it & it’s sure to grace our table again.  No more boxed cornbread mixes for me!

Baked Sunday Mornings is a virtual group of bloggers working our way through Baked Explorations by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  

Surfers’ Knoll Sunset, Ventura, CA

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    Always love your nature photos. Keep them coming. Your muffins look perfect and it’s fun to have John’s mom’s for comparison. One of my daughters and I were just talking yesterday about how people who have grown up this side of the 50s are rarely scratch cooks or bakers. The grocery store provides everything conveniently boxed or at least 1/2 boxed. She was asked to do an ice cream social for a group of 70 and as part of the treat she is also to provide a cookie for everyone. The man in charge told her that last year he just found some cookies at Walmart for a dollar a pack and they were fine. GROSS! Who eats that stuff…actually just about everybody. So she has taken on the challenge and plans to home make everything. Your food is consistently beautiful and healthy looking. Enjoyed your post.

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    Your muffins look so good, Susan! I think you and I were brought up on the same types of food. :) I actually still use Jiffy cornbread mix even though I make everything else from scratch, but now that I have made this recipe and it is so easy, I will probably make it instead. We are doing the same in our home – eating fresh ingredients and organic food and I agree that we are so blessed to have fresh fruits and vegetables in California year round.

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