Passion Fruit Ice Cream ~ David Lebovitz

Passion Fruit Ice Cream ~ David Lebovitz

OMG!  I found fresh Passion Fruits at the Channel Islands Farmers’ Market 5 for $1.00, so I bought 10.  Although I love the flavor of Passion Fruit, this is the first time I bought them.  I was really surprised how inexpensive they were.

I choose the freshest, smoothest fruits I could find.  Luckily, I read David’s recipe in The Perfect Scoop before I made the ice cream – he says the uglier and more wrinkled the fruit, the better – so I let them ripen.

The base for this ice cream is a cooked egg custard that is infused with Passion Fruit and Orange Oil.  It is absolutely heavenly!    This is my absolute favorite of all the ice creams we’ve made.  The Passion Fruit has a bright, tropical citrus flavor and the ice cream is intense pale yellow.

Who knew the ugliest Passion Fruits were the sweetest?  Another of life’s lovely surprises.

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Enjoy these last gorgeous days of summer!

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    Looks delicious. I was just flipping through his book yesterday trying to decide what to make next; never an easy decision with all those tasty looking flavors! If I see any passion fruit at the market I may have to give this one a try. I have never cooked with them before but your post gives me courage.

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    The ice cream looks delicious! I love passion fruit-flavored treats, but since I tried eating real passion fruit, I’ve found that all the treats taste different from the real thing. Making your own ice cream definitely solves that problem.

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    Wow…I need to make a find like you did. I have not used passion fruit in a long time and your ice cream looks wonderful…it truly looks creamy and elegant. I need to make more ice cream. Once I get started it really is easy…you have inspired me.

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