Wine Poached Apples with Vanilla Yogurt

We love wine-poached pears, so when I saw this recipe in the November issue of Bon Appetit, I wanted to try it.  The flavors were incredible!  Although my apples didn’t turn candy-apple red like the photo in the magazine, they were delicious.  John & I  both think the apples would have been more tender and absorbed more flavor if we had cut them in half so they could be fully submerged in the sauce, used more wine, and baked them covered in the oven for 1/2 hour at 350 degrees.  Then removed the apples and reduced the wine sauce, as described in the recipe.

We used a Brandy-fortified French Dessert Wine – which may explain the difference in the color – but it was excellent.  The Vanilla Yogurt sauce was the perfect accompaniment to these apples – the flavor of honey really shines through.

We will definitely make these again –
with a few tweaks!

We were thrilled to discover these sterling silver based dessert cups at an antiques shop in Carpinteria on Sunday.


Whimsy Antiques ~ Carpinteria, CA

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  1. Anonymous says

    Susan I agree with Lizzy, the Matafans look delicious and mouth watering. I am sitting at my desk Drooling…… :-)


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