Coq au Vino Bianco, Green Beans, and Broth Braised Potatoes ~ French Fridays with Dorie ~ and Lemon Tarts

I wanted to make something rich and flavorful to accompany this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe.  I remembered this wonderful Chicken dish we’d made called Coq au Vino Bianco from The New Classics Cookbook.  It’s perfect for winter – like a chicken stew infused with bacon, caramelized pearl onions, and white wine.  And the vegetable gravy was perfect with the potatoes.  I served them with steamed Green Beans.

I found fingerling potatoes at the Farmers’ Market this week.  I cut them into wedges, rather than in half, so more surface was exposed to the broth they were cooked in.  The Broth Braised Potatoes make a wonderful side dish for any number of entrees.  They’re quick, flavorful, and delicious!  We’re sure to enjoy these again, and again.

For dessert, I made Lemon Tarts with Dorie’s Sweet Tart Pastry (scroll down – I’ve made this Pear Tart, too, and it’s amazing!).  For the filling, I used Clearbrook Farms Lemon Fruit Tart filling.  It was as good as homemade.


Sycamore Cove Beach, CA
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    Looks great – it’s a good thing you put the lemon tart at the very end of the post or I would have stopped right there and missed the rest of the post :-) (Lemon is my absolute favorite).

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    Very yummy, looks great! Lemon tart sounds like the perfect end to your meal. I’m baking the white bread for TWD and it looks like it’s blowing up out of the pan in the oven,lol! I’m wondering what I got myself into;-)

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    I knew you would create a terrific meal using these potatoes. And…my Penguin loved all your butterflies on your facebook site…thanks. She also loves to read the blog posts from the group…she keeps track of what’s going on and makes sure her family is here when her favorites are being cooked…that way she can compare her mom’s to mine…she has lots of enthusiasm for all of this cooking/baking stuff. Always enjoy your nature photos.

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    Well you certainly created an amazing meal this week, that looks delicious! I have seen recipes before for Coq au Riesling, which is along the same lines. I’ll have to give it a try.

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    What a perfect winter meal, Susan! The coq au vin is something I’d like to try. And your lemon tarts are darling. I made Meyer lemon curd last week with extra egg yolks from an egg separating problem. I think tartlets like yours would be a wonderful way to enjoy some of the lemon curd. I liked the potatoes myself, but the rest of your meal is really inspiring.

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    Amazing menu! The chicken stew is a nice twist on traditional red wine version. I’m quite intrigued by it actually. I think you’re on to something with more surface area for cooking the potatoes. Oh and those lemon tarts look absolutely luscious!

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    I think you had the right idea…my broth and all that flavor just did not get through the potato skins. As usual, you have prepared a fabulous meal…Bill would love your beautiful lemon tarts! And your chicken looks darn good, too!

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    What a fabulous looking meal – a great way to serve Dorie’s potatoes. But as always, my eye is on the dessert, and I do so want one of those delectable lemon tarts!

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    Second attempt to comment. This looks incredible and I’m not sure if your coq au vin or the lemon tart is making me hungry, or the combination of both. Either way, wish dinner was at your house tonight!

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