Inspirational Blog Award!

My blogger friend and mentor, Lizzy, of That Skinny Chick Can Bake was sweet enough to give me the “Inspirational Blogger” Award.  Lizzy is a talented baker who juggles the favorites of her family to create delicious meals and fabulous sweets.  If you’re a chocoholic, you will love exploring her blog!

The best thing about this award is that I get to share it!  I’d like to take this chance to recognize some bloggers that I haven’t recognized before:

Lemons and Anchovies for her healthy, flavorful dishes and beautiful photography.

~ Sheri at Pork Cracklins who is a fellow member of Baked Sunday Mornings. She’s an inspired baker and likes to explore unique flavor combinations.

~ Kyleen at Sixteen Beans who is a young gourmet chef  in the making!  She writes about her adventures as a teenager going to culinary school in Canada.

~ Candy at Candy Girl who is a Dorista from Kentucky and participates in Baked Sunday Mornings with me.

Please take a few moments to visit these inspirational blogs – whether you’re a cook or a baker, you’ll find something wonderful to try.

Starfish and Sea Anemones – Sycamore Cove Beach, CA
These recipes are provided for your personal use. If you publish them, or re-post them, please give me credit. Grazie e Buon Appetito!


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