Cheese-topped Onion Soup ~ French Fridays with Dorie ~

I’m a bit early with this post, but we wanted to include this soup in our Valentine’s Day dinner menu.  When John was in college, French Onion Soup was one of his staples.  I lived in the dorms & ate in the cafeteria, so didn’t have much chance to cook, but this is one of the dishes John perfected that was easy and affordable.  But, I do remember the French Club hosting a dinner party and making French Onion Soup for about 30 people and the piles of onions we chopped.  And after all that, we had to serve the meal, too!  I started college as a French major, but switched to English my Junior year.  I continued to take advanced French courses and learned enough to order food and find my way around Paris on my own, but I still read and understand French better than I speak it.

The secret to this soup is the slow process of caramelizing the onions which takes about an hour & a half over very low heat.  The onions are then infused with wine and chicken broth.  We always keep Penzey’s soup bases on-hand – they’re flavorful, easy to store, and easy to use.

This is not a first-date soup!  It’s fabulous, but the cheese strings make eating it a bit of a messy affair!  The French bread and melted cheese on top make for a perfect flavor and texture combination.

This version takes a bit longer than John’s standard French Onion Soup, but I think we just graduated from his college staple!  We will definitely enjoy Dorie’s Cheese-topped Onion Soup again, and again!

Bon Appetit!

The only thing as comforting as a hot bowl of soup is a snuggley cat!

These recipes are provided for your personal use. If you publish them, or re-post them, please give me credit. Grazie e Buon Appetito!


  1. Anonymous says

    Susan your Cheese-topped Onion Soup looks absolutely delightful and I love the picture of my Braveheart. What a darling :-).

  2. says

    Beautiful onion soup. I can almost taste it and am looking forward to it this week. I love all your Valentine’s Day dinner…all so beautiful and special. When my kids found out I made dinner and also the tarts for Hubby on our anniversary, 3 of them called me over the next day and got on my case…told me that my making a special dinner was nothing special because I cook and bake every day…so we need to do our anniversary over again and go out to eat somewhere special, hold hands, and do the things that lovers do. I must be getting old and predictable to have my kids on my case…makes me happy to see that my friends also make special dinners for special days and enjoy each other at home.

  3. Anonymous says

    LOL!! We had cheesy garlic bread with the mussels and chorizo recipe for our Valentines day meal and its a good thing we are already married!! :) I love it though! It’s totally delicious, this soup, and first date or not – it’s great, shared with friends! :)

    Alice @

  4. says

    This must have been a perfect accompaniment to your Valentine’s Day dinner. It looks wonderful. I only wish my onions had taken an hour and a half to caramelize. Such a sweet photo of your cat. :)

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