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After I graduated from college, I moved to San Diego and took a job at Neiman-Marcus.  I was a poor graduate student, but every once in awhile, I splurged on a huge $3.50 truffle at the N-M candy counter.  It would last me a couple of days as I savored the richness of every nibble.  These tartlettes are reminiscent of those lovely treats!

I’m a little early with this Tuesdays with Dorie post because I wanted to make these beautiful Chocolate Truffle Tartlettes for Valentine’s Day dessert.  They are a choco-holics idea of heaven!  The pastry is light in texture, but full of chocolate flavor.  The truffle filling is named perfectly – it has the smooth, creamy texture of high-end truffles and just melts in your mouth!  In place of the Biscotti, I used Heath Bits o’ Brickle Toffee Bits.  The chocolate flavor dominated the toffee flavor, but the toffee bits still added some texture.

This is a first-rate dessert that’s easy to make and is certain to impress the lucky recipient!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
These recipes are provided for your personal use. If you publish them, or re-post them, please give me credit. Grazie e Buon Appetito!


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    Love the preview of these tarts!!! If they taste like truffles, the gang will be very pleased :) Yours look perfect. And now I need to check the recipe to see if I need to buy some mini tart pans (not like I need an excuse to go to Sur la Table :)).

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    These tarts are beautiful and so exquisite looking…and perfect with your dinner. I know you are early, but I’m happy that you made your Valentine’s Day dinner, which included these tarts, for your most important and loved person. I decided to make them last week for our anniversary and they went over just as well as I had hoped. This is a fabulous recipe and it will be in my regular line-up. Nice baking.

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    What a lovely Valentine Dinner. Each recipe selection looks fantastic. Tricia will be making these little tart treats
    for TWD, and I’m looking forward to the Onion soup for FFWD this coming week. I just adore all your wonderful

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    When I saw your post I thought I missed TwD! I made these wonderful tarts before I left for vacation! Yours look gorgeous! I thought they were delicious but very rich…we split them too! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

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    What wonderful pictures and your tartlets look perfect. I took lots of pictures before I removed the rings, because I was worried the tartlets might break or something, but the rings came off fine. We did strawberries too, since ice cream isn’t often in our house in the winter. They weren’t the juiciest strawberries, but they complemented the rich chocolate well, and were very refreshing to have in between bites of chocolate! We absolutely loved these.

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