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This week, we decided to join forces with a parallel group, called Club Baked who is also baking their way through Baked Explorations by Renato Poliafito and Matt Lewis.  Our schedules coincided so we all thought it would be fun and interesting to join up.  These cookies are Scandinavian in origin and go by several different names.  Last year, we made Speculoos French Fridays with Dorie from Around my French Table.

Despite the fact that I grew up in Italy, I’ve never acquired a taste for coffee.  Instead, I love tea.  Real tea made from tea leaves, not some of the tisanes and supposed “fruit teas” that taste like Hawaiin Punch, but real tea.  Tea comes in many flavors, and although my standard favorite is the traditional British preparation with sugar and cream, I love to try all kinds of teas.  When we were growing up, our mom always made Constant Comment for us.  It’s a lovely spice and orange scented tea,  They say that the sense of smell triggers powerful memories, and this was certainly true for me this week.  I left out the ginger in favor of cardamom which was mentioned in the text of the recipe, but not in the ingredient list.  Ginger is not a favorite spice of mine for sweets.  As soon as I started blending in the orange peel, I was reminded of having a cup of Constant Comment tea with my mom.

I had never had Speculaas, Speculoos, or any other homemade variation, until last year – and I’ve been thinking of them ever since.  For Dorie’s version, I made sandwich cookies with Nutella.  But, with the addition of orange, I thought these cookies were great on their own.


Blue Heron ~ Channel Islands Harbor, CA
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    Lovely post, stunning photos…and fun to learn you grew up in Italy. But sad to hear you are not a java junky :) I adore coffee and your cookies would have been perfect with a fresh pot. I had a busy week of cleaning/organizing the basement and would not let myself blog until it was done. A “self intervention” :) So now I am browsing and enjoying all your posts. Well done !!

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    Constant Comment is one of my favorite teas, Susan. Have you tried Lady Earl Grey? That is one of my new ones. Your cookies look delicious. I loved that bit of orange zest in them. And I love the photo of the Blue Heron!

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    I’m tea girl too. My favorite is Earl Grey. I really wanted to like these cookies, but they just didn’t work for me. I also made Dorie’s Speculoos and loved them, so I had high hopes for these. Your cookies look beautiful with the sparkly sugar on top and the scalloped edges.

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    I LOVE Speculoos in any form! Have you tried the new speculoos spread that’s in the markets now – unbelievable! Your cookies look amazing – I’m almost afraid to try them as I have NO control when it comes to Speculoos cookies! :)

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    Hey! Your blog looks gorgeous!! I love the layout and header– it turned out beautifully! The Speculaas look delicious and sound so good with the cardamom. I feel the same way about Constant Comment as a memory trigger- it always reminds me of my Mom and the holidays. :)

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    Your cookies came out great Susan! I didn’t end up including the zest because I didn’t have an orange. I completely agree about tea – my husband and I love tea (he is an Earl Gray fan and I an English Breakfast). Although these cookies weren’t my favorite, I did think they paired well with a cup of tea. I also love your nutella filled sandwich version – those look so yummy! I had some left over homemade vanilla bean ice cream and I made a few little ice cream sandwiches, but they were not that easy to eat!

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    Susan, These speculaas look so beautiful!! You did a great job! I love speculaas cookies. My husbands family is Dutch and he grew up with speculaas. I made a bunch for Christmas. I love having them with my tea!

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    Constant Comment was my mom’s tea too. And she would have similar cookies to eat with it but not share with me. lol. I will always think of them as ‘adult cookies’ because of her.

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    These are so pretty! I love spice cookies, but I’ve never made speculaas. You’ve sold me on them–anything with cardamom is bound to become a favourite in my house!

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