Maple *Bundt* Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting ~ Baked Sunday Mornings

Maple and pecan goodness!

Seriously, if you enjoy baking and you have not yet purchased this book, what are you waiting for?  This week’s Baked Sunday Mornings challenge is for this wonderful Maple Cake – cupcakes, actually – and creamy, yummy Maple Cream Cheese Frosting!

I decided to make a Bundt cake instead of cupcakes – frankly, because it was a lot less work!  And I really need to learn how to pipe frosting.

The only other change I made was to use Pecans instead of Walnuts.

Stirring toasted pecans into the cake batter

I know it sounds silly, but I thought this cake tasted like pancakes!  The cake has a medium crumb that’s a touch dry and it’s studded with toasted nuts.  It’s not terribly sweet – maple syrup is the only sweetener.  So, the sweet frosting is just right.  I topped it with coarsely chopped Pecans.

Delicious, Delicious, Delicious!

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    Susan – I have to be honest – I was going to make a bundt cake this morning. Being easy on myself (don’t gag), going the yellow cake and lemon jello route. However, on the way home from this morning’s farmer’s market, I am going to pick up the last few ingredients to make this fabulous looking and sounding and, obviously, tasting, maple bundt cake. (I have a new pan for it already.) Mary

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    The bundt cake looks absolutely delicious. I also love using pecan nuts whenever I can (especially in place of walnuts), they’re just so much more flavorful!

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    Beautiful cake! If I had not needed cupcakes for today (and for the kiddies), I’d have made a cake too..yours looks perfect. And, we all got in the mood for pancakes…guess this maple flavoring got them on our minds too… the kiddies “took me shopping” for blueberry pancake ingredients. Made me laugh to hear you were thinking about pancakes too.

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    Your bundt cake looks wonderful, Susan! I love the mold you chose for this one and it is so pretty how you frosted it and added the pecans on top. Lovely job.

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    I love how you took the recipe and made a bundt cake out of it. I would have never thought to do that. Thank you for the tasty, sweet idea.

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    Susan…this is a beautiful bundt and I wish I had thought of it. I sat this one out because I recently made a maple cupcake on my blog. But I should have turned the recipe into a cake! I love how you think on your feet! I have a fondness for bundts and I even have a board on pinterest dedicate to them. This is getting pinned! It’s really lovely! And I love what you did with the icing…it looks ‘draped’. Just beautiful! : )

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    Susan, You just have to know the end to your bundt cake which I made, as I said I was going to, on Sunday. It was 100 degrees in Henderson (Nevada) on Sunday but I was determined to make this cake. The cake turned out perfectly. And, I should have stopped right there. Sprinkled a little confectionary sugar on it. Done. Noooooooo Spreading a cream cheese frosting on a bundt cake when it’s 100 degrees outside (and, I refuse to turn the AC on in April) is not possible. I’d put some frosting on the cake, only to watch it slide and plop on the plate. I finally put the cake INSIDE the fridge with the doors wide open and frosted it (quite unsuccessfully, I might add). It wasn’t pretty, like yours, but it was delicious and the story that goes along with it, even better. I learned my first Summertime Nevada baking lesson, thanks to you.

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    What a beautiful bundt cake! I recently bought some antique cake molds and have had so much fun using them. Oh, and that cream cheese frosting on top looks so creamy.

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    What a gorgeous looking Bundt cake. I love that Bundt pan too – in my humble opinion one can never have enough Bundt pans…I have to get a copy of “Baked”, for sure, the recipes simply look amazing!

    Have a nice weekend – I am looking forward to your post about the “Navarin Printanier”

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