Strawberry Lemonade Picnic Cake

What drew me to Kiss My Bundt,  is that Chrysta Wilson provides bundt cake recipe basics that allow you to make the cakes your own.  When I saw these beautiful strawberries at the Farmers’ Market on Sunday, I knew I wanted to try this Strawberry Lemonade Picnic Cake.  I absolutely love her Strawberry Smash – who knew making fresh strawberry sauce could be so easy?  I will use this for all kinds of things – ice cream, pancakes, Waffles, etc.  – it is just delicious!  I loved the fresh strawberry flavor – I did omit the strawberry gelatin, though.  I topped my cake with Lemon Buttercream and fresh strawberries.  Strawberry and lemon has always been one of my favorite combinations.

When my nephew’s friend took a third piece, I knew I had a hit on my hands!

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    Wow, Susan, you found the time to bake another one of these gorgeous looking Bundts! I think, I want a piece of that Strawberry Lemonade Picnic cake right now! Sun is shining here and it is quite warm today, so your Bundt would be perfect…

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