Malted Waffles ~ Baked Sunday Mornings

This is the easiest Baked Sunday Mornings challenge yet!

The recipe was for regular waffles, but I only have a Belgian Waffle maker so I asked my mom if I could borrow hers – only to find out she no longer had the one we grew up with, but that she had a Belgian one, too! So, we adapted.  Other waffle recipes don’t seem to adapt well to Belgian Waffle makers, but this one did.  It was crisp and delicious. The flavor of malt wasn’t overwhelming, but I like what it did for the texture and color of the waffles.   I topped mine with butter, maple syrup and mini chocolate chips just as the Baked Boys suggested, and it was great!

We enjoyed our waffles with sausage links.

If you’re looking to expand your baking repertoire and join a fun on-line group, consider joining us.  All you need is a copy of Baked Explorations and a sense of adventure.


Sealions playing in Ventura Harbor, CA

These recipes are provided for your personal use. If you publish them, or re-post them, please give me credit. Grazie e Buon Appetito!


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    Hey Susan, I was just getting my post up…no time tomorrow, and I saw where your last post was liked on the Baked boys site…way fun. I also thought your bundt cake was great and your modifications were super. I personally was happy to know that this recipe could be modified for a bundt use…not all cupcakes can go that route. Your waffles look really yummy. We enjoyed these and will use again…another great recipe.

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    Mmm…your waffles look wonderful with those sausage links. We also enjoyed these and now I am thinking about getting a waffle maker. :)

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    Hm, I never thought about whether certain recipes might turn our differently in a regular waffle maker as opposed to a Belgian waffler — yours definitely look delish!

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    so true! this was the easiest recipe yet, and used the smallest number of bowls by far! i don’t think we can say the same for the peanut butter banana pie that’s coming up next!

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    Wow…these look so yummy! I love waffles…I’m always searching for the perfect recipe…guess I’ll have to give this one a try! Love the addition of malt. Have a great week, Susan!

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    I have a waffle maker I have used only one time! But I also have the ingredients for this treat, AND the book, so perhaps its time for me to get this out. Looks like a winner!

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    Susan…your Belgian malted waffles look beautiful! I love them like that…nice and fluffy and chewy! I agree…the recipe worked well for Belgian waffles. What a great breakfast! : )

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