Meatballs with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce over Buttered Egg Noodles with Asparagus and Vermont Country Cheddar Bread


In a large bowl, blend:
1 pound Ground Beef

1/2 pound Pork Sausage (we used Jimmy Dean)
1/2 cup Breadcrumbs
1 Egg
1/4 cup Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, minced
1 teaspoon Dill, dried (or 2 teaspoons, fresh)
1 Tablespoon Onion, minced (or reconstituted dried)
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper, ground
1/8 teaspoon Nutmeg, ground

Mix as well as you can with a spoon, then finish blending by hand.
Form meat into 2-inch balls and set aside.

In a cast iron skillet, over medium heat, fry meatballs in a little bit of vegetable oil – adding more to the pan, as needed.
Brown meatballs on all sides, then drain on paper towels.

At this point, you can separate the meatball and freeze some of them.

Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

In a large skillet, over medium heat, melt 1 stick of Butter.
1 Shallot, minced
8 ounces White Mushrooms, sliced
Continue to stir until Mushrooms begin to release liquid.
Then add 3 Tablespoons Flour and stir until absorbed.
Whisk in:
1 cup Red Wine
1 cup Beef Broth
1 Tablespoon Parisien Bonnes Herbes
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Continue to whisk until sauce is thick and bubbly, then add Meatballs and stir until heated through, then stir in 1 teaspoon Beef Demi-Glace.

Buttered Egg Noodles

Cook 1/2 pound Egg Noodles according to package directions, drain and toss with 1 Tablespoon Butter.
Place in a pasta bowl and spoon Meatballs, sauce, and Mushrooms over buttered noodles.

Steamed Asparagus

Place in a large skillet filled with about 1-inch of water.
Place over medium heat.
Clean one bunch of Asparagus, snapping off the ends.
Squeeze juice of 1/4 Lemon.
Sprinkle with Salt, Pepper, and Parisien Bonnes Herbes.
Cover with lid and steam for about 15 minutes.

I made this bread from a King Arthur Flour mix.  It couldn’t have been easier and it turned out perfectly.


Monarch Butterflies ~ Ellwood Butterfly Preserve ~ Goleta, California
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  1. says

    Yup, another Amazing Meal! My kind of food. I was not excited about the onion-pizza…it was good but not what you’d want to sit down to and eat a half pizza just because it is so good you can’t stop. So, if you opted out of that one, I think this meal is a great choice. Also, I always love your nature photos…they always make me feel happy and at peace…a nice touch and part of the creative you.

  2. says

    The mushrooms in wine sauce steal the show on this one (although, the cheddar bread looks mighty tempting).

    The butterfly picture is crazy – I can’t imagine how neat that must have been to see in person.

  3. says

    You use spices so well in your dishes, Susan. Always changing them up. Your spice cabinet must be immense because you seem to have quite a collection. I often give spice gift collections from Pensey’s to friends but find I don’t order very much for myself. Then, when I need something, viola, I don’t have it on hand. Their catalog is a bit overwhelming for me. There is a Pensey’s, a standing store, in Boulder. When I return to Aspen in April to live full-time forever, I think I’ll just go down to Boulder and get my spice supply. Wish I could take you along to help. This meal looks delicious. All your meals look delicious.

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