Ispahan *Mini Rose* Cakes ~ French Fridays with Dorie

Rose-scented almond cake filled with raspberries and drizzled with raspberry coulis

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie challenge is for Ispahan Loaf Cake.  It’s a delicate almond cake scented with rose and filled with raspberries.  I couldn’t resist using my cute mini rose bundt cake pan for this recipe instead of a loaf pan.  Of course, that meant I had to adjust the baking time to 32 minutes.  

Making these pretty little cakes required some special ingredients – Rose Syrup and Rose Extract.  The almond flour base makes them light and tender.  I think these would be lovely for a tea party.  They come together quickly and have a lovely, delicate flavor.  I expected the rose flavor to be more pronounced but it’s very subtle and a nice complement to the almond and raspberry flavors.

Mini Ispahan Rose Cakes

I made some Raspberry Coulis to pour over the cakes and it was a perfect finish.
Blend 1 cup Fresh Raspberries with an immersion blender and run them through a strainer to remove the seeds.
Stir in:
1 Tablespoon Sugar
2 Tablespoons Chambord

Drizzle over cakes.

International Rose Test Garden, Portland, Oregon
La vie en rose!
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    Beautiful baking! I should have purchased additional raspberries for the Raspberry Coulis…absolutely beautiful. And your baby cakes are so pretty. Good to see that this cake works well as individual sizes, and from what I’ve read from other’s comments, it probably improved the baking time in more ways than being speedier. Looks perfect!

  2. says

    Oh how cute are those rose-shaped cakes! Love! You were smart to make the coulis. I longed for some as I ate my slice(s). Yum!

  3. says

    OMG Susan, they are the cutest! And the syrup just finishes them perfectly. I understand how you HAD to use those little rose pans! (Btw, I´m trying to go to Seattle in sept, but I can´t confirm it yet. I´m dying to meet you guys!)

  4. says

    Perfect! Your little rose cakes sound like the way to go, both because of the shape and the fact that they bake up more quickly. If I get up the nerve to try this recipe again, I will probably go with this idea. I don’t have such a lovely mold, but muffin tins should do the trick.

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    Love your rose pan… these are gorgeous and you probably didn’t have trouble getting them to cook through by making them small. I have some mini loaf pans I may have my daughter try this recipe again in them. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    How adorable, Susan! What a great pan to use for this recipe. The raspberry coulis is so pretty drizzled over it – I wonder if I make some coulis if we will like the cake more with it…Hmmm…Have a great weekend!

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    Oh, Susan, I just love your style. What a perfect pan to cook them in for any occasion. Did you just pour in some batter, lay two or three raspberries on top and cover with batter? It seems to have worked well. I think the flavor really was enhanced by the coulis and I didn’t mind the whipped cream I made for my first piece. A nice little taste of heaven for any occasion.

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    What a perfect pan to make this in! Did you already have it or get it just for this recipe? No matter which, it is so perfect! I just wish I had enjoyed it more myself.

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    I love your cakes Susan, they sound delicious. I had to laugh when I saw your pan. I did a wedding shower with a friend several years ago and suggested we both get one of those pans and make all the desserts in a rose shape. About 50 cakes later, I called her and said “whose stinkin Idea was it to make all these rose cakes?” She laughed but was kind enough to not blame me. :)

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    How delightful. What adorable little cakes that would make any coffee or tea time special. I bought some rose syrup when I made Turkish delights. It smells so good. I noticed at the asian store that there were all sorts of other “scents” too.

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