Samba Flavor Black Chimichurri: Grilled Bison Rib-eye Steaks

This beautiful package was wrapped like a present!

When we were selected to sample Samba Flavor Premium Black Chimichurri™ Sauce, we really wanted to create something special to highlight its complexity and layers of flavors. So we headed to the butcher case at Whole Foods Market and decided to try Bison Rib-eye Steaks!  They were really lean and looked great.

From their website: Premium Black Chimichurri™ was designed to indulge your taste buds bringing a fine gourmet dining experience in the comfort of your home for those special occasions! Made with black garlic, Italian balsamic vinegar, extra-virgin Kalamata olive oil and finished with Samba Flavor’s signature combination of chimichurri herbs and spices – this tangy, sweet and savory condiment serves as the perfect accent to fine steaks. As a marinade, it is a treasure for the meat connoisseur. As a sauce, it is absolutely exquisite. Premium Black Chimichurri™ is a memorable and unique gourmet gift.

I’ve heard of Black Garlic but never had the chance to try it – despite it’s dark color, it has a mild flavor.  This sauce can be used for a variety of purposes.  It would be great with Crostini and cheese as an appetizer, blended with Olive Oil as a salad dressing as well as making a wonderful marinade!

Layers of flavor are a perfect complement to the richness of the Bison Rib-eye Steaks

Grilled Bison Rib-eye Steaks with Black Chimichurri Marinade

John created an easy marinade using 1/4 cup each Black Chimichurri™ Sauce and Olive Oil.
Sprinkle each side of the steaks with salt and pepper on both sides then pour the marinade over them, turn, cover, and refrigerated for 5 hours.
One hour before grilling the steaks, set them out to reach room temperature.
Sear steaks for 2 minutes on each side.
Finish the steaks using indirect heat 
Move steaks to a section of the grill set on medium flame until they reach preferred internal temperature (We cooked them for 7 minutes a side since we like the steaks to have pink centers.) 
Let sit for 5 minutes before serving.

Serve with Black Chimichurri™ Sauce as a condiment.

The bison was so rich – like the best cut of beef steak – and the Black Chimichurri™ Sauce was perfect with it.

Just delicious with Wild Rice Pilaf and Steamed Broccoli topped with Cheese!

For additional information on gourmet products from Samba Flavor Chimichurri, visit their website.


First peas of the season in our garden
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    Black garlic is wonderful. I love the flavor of it – it’s also great in roast chicken if you find it. The sauce sounds terrific. I’ll have to look for it!

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